The Hurricane in Malmö

the Hurricane building in MalmöAnother city pic from my wanderings. A little art, sea, and the Hurricane (a.k.a. Orkanen), the building housing Malmö University, in the background.

Its green wavy paneling covered with words and phrases makes it stand out. Add some sun, and you can see the salt-swept facade mirrored on the harbor waves.

Looks like a nice spot for a fika (coffee) to me! Enjoy your caffeine fix on the steps.

Welcome Spring!

Spring, and dare I say summer temps have arrived in Malmö! 20C, sunny with blue skies. Shorts weather suits me! Crowds of people, small armies of cyclists, and picnickers in the parks are back in force, too.

Here’s a photo of some of the numerous types of wild flowers found all over the city. The top pic was taken by a grave stone at Gamla kyrkogården, the old cemetery next to Gustav Adolfs torg. Soon, we’re likely to see yellow flowers replace the blue ones. How many people have you spotted on park benches, eyes closed, face raised to the sun?

It was a good year (for Sweden)

1658 in cement Forever stamped in cement, the year 1658 has a lot to do with Swedish history. This pic taken by the Malmö courthouse gives some telling details about our Swedish vampire, Talus, and the governing of Skåne.

The white painted lines remind me of time marching forward, even as the city canal flows in its endless circle nearby. What other parts of the city do you recognize from The Decided Ones?